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Sweet Fennel Oil 5ml

The sweet, spicy scent of sweet fennel seed is invigorating and motivating. It promotes clarity, courage and confidence.

A colourless to pale-yellow liquid with a very sweet, but slightly earthy or peppery-spicy aroma.

Botanical name

Foeniculum vulgare



Method of extraction

Steam distillation

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil: a-pinene (1.8-3.3%), myrcene (0.5-0.8%), fenchone (19.0-21.6%), trans-anetholeåÊ (64.0-69.2%), methyl chavicol (3.9-6.5%), limonene & 1,8-cineole (1.2-1.7%), anisic aldehyde (0.1-0.3%).



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