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Stardust Plant Protein Caramel 500g Jar

Stardust Plant Protein Caramel 500g Jar

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Protein is the primary building material for our bodies. We have evolved eating protein from many sources -each one of balancing another's relative deficiencies. That's why we have we have included 4 plant-based proteins in this blend. Proteus: Latin for "above all else". 

Ingredients -

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein*, Sprouted Pea Protein*, Hemp Seed Protein* Pumpkin Seed Protein* Mesquite Powder* Maca Powder*

*=Certified organic ingredient;

How to use - 

Add 2 teaspoons plant protein powder to your favourite smoothie blend. A classic is 1 frozen banana, 1-2 teaspoon Star Dust Nutrient Powder, 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon seeds (i.e., chia, flaxseed).

Make a protein flour by substituting 2 tablespoons in the " flour mix" of muffins, pancakes etc.

Straight Up
Add 2 tablespoons to water and shake!

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