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Perfect Potion

Perfect Potion Breathe Easy Mask Spray 25ml

Perfect Potion Breathe Easy Mask Spray 25ml

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Make mask-wearing enjoyable by inhaling the refreshing, cleansing aroma of our best-selling Breathe Easy blend. With a cleansing and invigorating composition of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, pine, tea tree and spike lavender, this aromatherapy mask spray brings you the benefits of pure essential oils with each inhalation to breathe easier and deeper for a sense of calm collectedness.


Breathe Easy Mask Spray features Perfect Potion's signature Breathe Easy blend of pure essential oils in quick-drying plant-derived ethanol, and is part of our Aroma Defence Collection.
Discover the benefits of Breathe Easy aromatherapy pure essential oils:


Blue Mallee Eucalyptus
Cleansing eucalyptus can help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, congestion.

Purifying and refreshing lemon is nature’s zesty cleanser, and has a high vibrational energy cleanse both physically and spiritually.

Tea Tree
Invigorating tea tree can help to wards off cold, flu and fatigue while also strengthening the spirit.

Spike Lavender
Healing lavender essential oil is prized for its soothing effect on the emotions, and renowned for its benefits on anxiety and sleep. Lavender can also beneficial for alleviating ailments in the respiratory system.

Cooling peppermint can help to relieve fever, cold, congestion and flu symptoms, while also enhancing cognition and concentration.

Purifying pine can help to alleviate congestion, and can also be used to spiritually purify your space to clear away stagnation.

Lemon Eucalyptus
Fresh with rosy-citronella-like notes, lemon eucalyptus pure essential oil is highly useful as a decongestant and to help support the respiratory and nervous systems.

Lemon Scented Tea Tree
Powerfully fresh lemon scented tea tree is a wonderful air purifier and often used for treating colds and flu due to its natural antimicrobial properties.

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