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Kintra Roasted Dandelion Blend Fine 175g

Kintra Roasted Dandelion Blend Fine 175g

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The Roasted Dandelion Blend by Kintra Foods is prepared from a rich blend of Dandelion and Chicory roots. Dandelion is in rich antioxidants which protect bones from age-related damage. It is diuretic in nature and thus increases urine output. Chicory prevents bacterial infections and boosts the immune system. It improves the balance of blood and plasma in the body and reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. The coffee is a great treatment for acne. It helps in losing dreaded water weight without causing any side effects. The dandelion coffee prevents and cures many diseases and is a great coffee substitute.


  • Reduces stress
  • Protects the liver
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Acts as a natural substitute for coffee
  • It is caffeine free so great for coffee lovers


Pour a cup of hot water into a small amount dandelion tea. Take 1-2 cup of dandelion tea in a day for better results.


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