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Bird + Earth

Bird + Earth NEST PLUS for Women

Bird + Earth NEST PLUS for Women

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NEST - Plus gives you the full bird and earth natural skin care experience. Included is your regular NEST selection Plus a 15ml Natural Cleansing Oil together with a Moisturising Natural & Organic Lip Balm. Your cleansing oil is a blend of Sweet almond Oil and Castor Oil. Castor Oil is a natural drawing agent which cleans the impurities from our skin. The cleanser also has a balance of pure organic essential oils of Sweet Orange, Chamomile Extract and Rosehip. It is NOT just a makeup remover and leaves your skin feeling soft and well cleansed. Easy to use as you massage over a dry face, place hands under warm water and continue to massage and loosen dirt and oils on your skin. With a hot face cloth wipe clean and apply your facial oil. A beautiful introduction that should give you 2 months of an easy to use natural skin care regime. When you reorder in the larger sizes, hold onto this pack to refill as your travel companion.

Package in an environmentally selected beautiful jute carry bag.

Included in pack

* 30ml Natural Face Cream 30ml (or Organic Moisturiser option which is a thicker cream for those needing a little extra coverage or perhaps suffers from eczema)
* 30ml Facial Exfoliator
* 15ml Facial Oil
* 15ml Cleansing Oil
* Moisturising Lip Balm

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