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Serenes Beeswax Chandlery

Beeswax Shaped Candle | Eternal Knot or Swirl Ball

Beeswax Shaped Candle | Eternal Knot or Swirl Ball

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Eternal Knot -

No beginning or end is the symbolism of the Eternal Knot, which is associated with many cultures around the world. Whether the meaning is in regards to love, friendship or wisdom, the eternal knot candle is perfect way to show it.

Wax: Pure Beeswax Origin: Australia

Burn time: approx. 18hrs each

Size: h 45mm x w 60mm Wick: 100% pure cotton Scent: natural Colour: natural

Serene's Beeswax Chandlery Sell a variety of handcrafted candles, artisan soap and beeswax products Leave the beeswax in its natural colours, only finely filtering for impurities Have direct contact with the beekeepers, they know where the bees have been Make candles and products with care and attention to detail.

Swirl Ball - 

Experience the beauty of our small Swirl Ball, hand-poured with pure Australian beeswax.

These candles features a modern, sculptural design that is sleek and Nordic inspired. Each candle is perfectly formed using the natural properties of beeswax, ensuring they burn efficiently and beautifully.

These candles are recommended for use with candle plates and not for containers, making them a perfect addition to any home decor.

Enjoy the warm, natural glow of these stunning beeswax candles in your space.

Wax: Pure Beeswax Origin: Australia Burn time: approx. 10hrs each Size: D 65mm x H 50mm Wick: 100% cotton Fragrance: Natural Colour: Natural

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