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Tribe Earth Incense

Tribe Earth Abundance Limited Edition Plank

Tribe Earth Abundance Limited Edition Plank

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Single Plank of handmade incense to bring the frequencies of abundance - containing Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) and Agarwood, Moroccan Rose, Vetiver and Amber and edible glitter.

A symphony of plants to open the doorway to receiving. A beautiful shimmering meditation piece to unlock Abundance and begin the beautiful flow into receiving. The harvest plank with Agarwood Oud for financial abundance, Moroccan Rose for heart opening Love abundance, Vetiver to ground the dreamings and Amber to bring the sweet melody weaving the incense together into one song.

No Glues, no essential oils, no toxic materials. 100% plant material. 30 minutes burn-time. Just break a piece and burn in a fireproof container.

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