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Deodorant Ruby Rose

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This stuff is truly amazing!

Materials: Organic Coconut oil, Tapioca Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Australian Beeswax, Tea Tree oil, Rose essential oil

This is a great plastic free alternative to store bought Deodorants. It is natural, aluminium free has a nice scent & really works!
Aside from the health implications of using chemicals on your skin Plastic packaging & rollers balls from Deodorants account for a fair amount of landfill & can end up in the ocean, damaging our precious Marine life & Eco system.

o Natural organic ingredients 
o Free from Aluminium, Parabens, Dyes, Synthetic fragrances, Mineral oils or anything nasty
o Handmade in small batches with love 
o Apply first thing in the morning & keep nice & fresh all day
o Reusable lightweight tin 
o No more Plastic packaging going to landfill or roller balls bobbing around in the ocean

Due to the nature of Coconut oil the balm will solidify in cooler climates & winter (below 25C) & it is best applied when soft to avoid rubbing & irritation. 
Take a pea size amount, warm in hands & gently apply to dry skin. 
It will form a silky paste that dry’s & disappears when you pop it on.
Avoid applying to freshly shaven skin as it may cause irritation.

NOTE: This contains a small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate which some may be sensitive to. Test before use if you are unsure. Rinse off if irritation occurs. 



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