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The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Book

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Book

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From a terrible accident that left her paraplegic, Emma Carey has become an inspiration for hundreds of thousands online to live life to the fullest and remind us that if we can, we must.

There on that helicopter, somewhere over Switzerland on a Sunday in June, came the first tiny whisper. A voice that came from a place so deep inside of myself that I hadn't even known it existed. One that I would carry me for years to come. I'm going to be ok. There's still joy here.

When Emma Carey was twenty, she fell from 15,000 feet and survived. In The Girl Who Fell From the Sky Emma tells us the inspirational story of how, through what could be considered one of her greatest tragedies, she found her truest self.

From her early days in the hospital, to learning how to regain the use of her legs, the six-year long court case and now finally the freedom to make the most of her life, Emma teaches us the importance of courage and resilience, and how to appreciate even the most common occurrences of beauty in our lives.

This heartfelt book is more than a memoir, it's a call to action that reminds us not to take our lives and abilities for granted-to live every day like it could be our last.
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