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Teriyaki Munchies (Organic & Kombucha-Activated)


Activated almonds, cashews & crunchy lentils coated in our home-made teriyaki sauce. Perfect to throw on a stir fry, in a salad, or directly in to your mouth. We‰۪ve sourced locally grown garlic and ginger to spice up this blend because fresh is always best! They will satisfy your Umami cravings without having to tuck in to a pack of chips! Perfect with an ice-cold, crisp beverage! Share the love.

Why do we activate nuts?

  • To promote optimal digestion
  • To increase the bioavailability and effective absorption of nutrients
  • For that light, delicious crunch!

Kombucha-activated nuts (almonds* cashews*) green lentils* gf tamari* rice malt* black sesame* onion* miriin* ginger* garlic*
*=Certified organic ingredient



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