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Shinrin-yoku Forest Bathing Essential Oil Collection

Shinrin-yoku Forest Bathing Essential Oil Collection

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As you inhale these essential oils, imagine walking through a forest, feel the earth and leaves under your feet, listen to the birds singing, look up and notice how the sun trickles through the tree canopy. You are feeling the effects of forest bathing. Please enjoy creating your own forest sanctuary.


This beautiful collection of essential oils epitomises the scent of the Japanese forest.

SUGI - Cryptomeria japonica
National Tree of Japan; commonly planted around temples and shrines.

• Sugi Wood
The scent of sugi wood is soft and delicate, with a sweet-resiny wood undertone. It helps create an atmosphere of tranquility, and can enhance spiritual and meditative practices.

• Sugi Leaf
The scent of sugi leaf is fresh and pine-like, with a light warmth. The fresh conifer aroma is mentally and emotionally uplifting.

HINOKI - Chamaecyparis obtuse
Sustainably Sourced. Distilled from off-cuts from Japan’s building industry and plantation management.

• Hinoki Wood
The scent of hinoki wood oil is dry, fine and woody with a warm, sweet, somewhat spicy undertone. It helps create a calm and relaxing ambience, and enhances spiritual awareness.

• Hinoki Leaf
The scent of hinoki leaf is intensely fresh, camphoraceous and pine-like with a slightly green note. The freshness of this leaf oil uplifts the senses and is mentally and emotionally invigorating.

    These oils are the quintessential aromas of shinrin-yoku, the practice of forest bathing.

    Shinrin-yoku Essential Oils Collection also includes the informative Guide to Shinrin-yoku by Salvatore Battaglia.

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