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Wander Lightly

Reusable Pack (includes spoon, knife, fork SS straw & brush in pouch)

Reusable Pack (includes spoon, knife, fork SS straw & brush in pouch)

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In this pack you will receive 1 basic pouch containing a hand carved wooden fork, knife & spoon set with a stainless steel straw & brush .

Help reduce your use of Single use Plastic utensils with this handy pouch & look super stylish as well! Lightweight & small enough to fit in your handbag, tuck in your lunch box or keep in the glove box of your car for eating on the go. 

Every year over 6 million tonnes of Rubbish is dumped into the ocean; 80% of this is plastic with a further 10% plastic bags.* Precious resources like water & energy are consumed to make plastic take away cutlery that are used for 10 minutes & then tossed in the bin bound for landfill, or worse, makes its way into the ocean. This rubbish is toxic to marine life & to our sensitive eco systems & often mistaken for food. “Bio- degradable” plastics are no better & require certain conditions to break down. 

- 23cm x 6cm 
- 43grams

- 55% pure unbleached Hemp & 45% Certified Organic Cotton
- Hand Printed Indian cotton
- Hand carved sustainable Mahogany Cutlery 

- Cold wash pouch as & line dry 
- Wash the utensils in warm water after each use & oil wood with olive/coconut oil every few uses
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