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Reusable Food Grade Silicone Stretch Lid 7 Pack

Reusable Food Grade Silicone Stretch Lid 7 Pack

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Reusable stretch lids set of 7 varying sizes, these easy to use, stretchy, FDA approved food grade silicone lids are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

Save a whole tonne of money by rewashing and reusing these bowl, dish, container, cup and glass covers!   

* BPA and BPS free - FDA approved high quality food grade

* Clear silicone stretch reusable lids making it easy to see what is inside

* The smallest is 6.5cms ranging to 25 cms for the large one- a size to fit everything! 

* Super stretchy and even though circular can be used on odd shapes

* Leak proof, creating a tight, vacuum seal which keeps food fresher longer

* Stackable - you are able to stack bowls on top of each other providing you are using the correct size and the fit is snug

* Suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven from -40° up to 200°C

* Dishwasher safe or hand wash and let air dry

* Seal cut fruit and vegetables like avocado, apple, orange, onions

* Crack, stain and odour proof

* Anti slip and create a tight, vacuum seal ensuring that your food remains fresher, longer ( TIP - best when attached to a dry bowl/dish/glass)

* The shape will not change even after being used for a long time

* Transparent colour only 

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