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Purely Nutz Peanut Butter Crunchy - Hot Chilli * Paprika 270g

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Pressed Purity natural peanut butter has no salt, sugar or added fat. 100% natural peanut butter tastes fresh, just like peanut butter should. Flavour-packed for a nutritious snack. Made from freshly roasted Australian grown Kingaroy peanuts.åÊ

The Purely Nutz range of flavoured peanut butters bring something a little different to the table. The deliciousåÊChocolate and Sea Salt,åÊHoney and CinnamonåÊoråÊHot Chilli & PaprikaåÊvarieties will jazz up any breakfast buffet and can be used to spread, drizzle or top smoothie bowls, toast, crackers, pancakes and more!

Ingredients -

Hot Chilli & Smoky Paprika270g:åÊFresh Australian Grown Peanuts, Paprika, Chilli.




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