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Perfect Potion Australian Oils Kit Limited Edition

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A collection of five unique Australian essential oils distilled from sustainably sourced grown plants native to Australia.  These beautiful oils reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Australia's native flora.

  • Buddha Wood 5mL
  • Honey Myrtle 5mL
  • Lemon Scented Tea Tree 5mL
  • Rosalina 5mL
  • White Cypress Leaf 5mL

Buddha wood 5mL

Botanical name: Eremophila mitchellii
Description: Strong, woody, smoky and earthy aroma
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Key constituents: Eremophilone and other sesquiterpenes
Country of origin: Australia

Honey myrtle 5mL

Botanical name: Melaleuca teretifolia
Description: Fresh, herbaceous and camphoraceous aroma
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Key constituents: Myrcene, 1,8-cineole, neral, neryl acetate, geranial
Country of origin: Australia

Rosalina 5mL

Botanical name: Melaleuca ericifolia
Description: Soft camphoraceous aroma with a light floral note
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Key constituents: 1,8-cineole, linalool
Country of origin: Australia

Lemon scented tea tree 5mL

Botanical name: Leptospermum petersonii
Description: Strong, citrus-like and camphoraceous aroma
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Key constituents: Neral, geranial, citronellal
Country of origin: Australia

White cypress leaf

Botanical name: Callitris glaucophylla
Description: Fresh, herbaceous, pine-like aroma
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Key constituents: α-pinene, limonene, myrcene, bornyl acetate
Country of origin: Australia

Includes booklet Guide to Australian Essential Oils by Salvatore Battaglia.



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