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Organic Fennel Seed

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Organic fennel seeds are a dried seed that comes from the fennel herb. Fennel seeds have an aniseed flavour and a sweet aroma. They are often used in spice mixes or to enhance the flavour of vegetable, meat or fish dishes.

One of Fennel’s greatest attributes is its ability to make the unpleasant taste of many herbs more tolerable, particularly to children’s taste buds. Its aromatic quality also gives it some activity as a catalyst for other herbs. Fennel seeds are commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine such as salads, pastas and vegetable dishes. They are a common ingredient in Italian sausages and in northern European rye breads. They have a sweet, yet very aromatic flavour and scent. Fennel seeds are fantastic to help reduce flatulence, aid digestion, increase appetite, reduce cramping of the digestive tract and can assist in reducing the severity of a cough and aid breastfeeding mothers in producing milk flow.

Country of Origin - India.



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