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Melrose MCT Oil 500g


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a unique group of fatty acids have a chemical structure of 6 12 carbon chains in length. They're rarer in the diet than other fats but can have positive effects on general health, physical performance and cognitive function, and may assist with weight management.

MCTs aren't digested and absorbed in the same way as normal dietary fats due to their shorter carbon length. Instead, they're easily digested and processed in the liver, providing immediate fuel rather than being stored as fat in the body. They have been researched extensively for their many benefits, which include:

The Melrose MCT range consists of varying blends of caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and the slightly longer 12-chain MCT lauric acid (C12).

Available in Original, Pro Plus or Pro Rapid.

Original -

- Fuel mental and physical performance
- Help you get into and stay in ketosis
- Supports fat burning

Pro Plus -

- General health and endurance
- Supports a ketogenic diet
- Sustained natural energy

Pro Rapid -

- Mental and physical performance
- Supports a ketogenic diet
- Rapid natural energy
- Helps provide fuel for the brain



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