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Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder

Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder

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Simplyclean Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder is handcrafted in the beautiful subtropical Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia and uses only the best and most essential ingredients to clean your dishes and pans. Our concentrated sanitising and degreasing formula gives you up to 66 doses per kg and the built in rinse aid means you have one less product to buy.
Please note this product will be packaged into a compostible, brown paper bag. It is advised to get it into an airtight container as soon as you can.
  • Handcrafted in Australia using only the purest ingredients
  • Highly concentrated formula means you only need 1 heaped teaspoons for a regular wash. Good for the environment and for your pocket
  • Concentrated - up to 66 doses per kg
  • Built in rinse aid - 1 less product for you to buy
  • Sanitises and degreases

Pure Australian lemon myrtle oil, sodium carbonate (washing soda), pentasodium triphosphate & polyacrylic acid (water softeners), sodium metasilicate (mineral based, anti-corrosive agent to protect the dishwasher), sodium percarbonate (sanitises and helps remove stains), disodium sulphate (mineral salt), dodecanol-ethoxylated & propoxylated (rinse aid).

Please note this will be packaged into a compostable brown paper bag.

Country of Origin - Australia.

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