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Kehoe's Kitchen Fermented Garlic Paste 150g

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Made with 100% Australian grown certified organic garlic.

At Kehoe‰۪s Kitchen we use only the finest locally sourced certified organic fresh produce.åÊåÊåÊ Our commitment is to maximise the nutrient content, taste and quality of our products.

Our organic Aussie garlic is fully fermented before being jarred. This fermentation pre-digests the garlic making it easier to tolerate as the fermentable sugars (FODMAPs) are already fermented.

We use WILD Fermentation in all our vegetable ferments including our garlic paste. We prefer to rely on Mother Nature‰۪s selection criteria to produce this traditional nourishing probiotic food.

Please note other brand shelf stable products have been pasteurised or heat treated when being packaged. This treatment kills ALL beneficial bacteria.åÊ Some retailers are placing theseåÊpasteurisedåÊåÊproducts in the fridge along side the rawåÊbrands.åÊ åÊCheck the label, if it says ‰Û÷refrigerateåÊAFTER opening‰۪åÊor it‰۪såÊnot labelled as Raw or Probiotic thenåÊit isåÊpasteurised and has zero beneficial bacteria.

Kehoes Kitchen ACO

INGREDIENTS: Organic Australian garlic, reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water, natural Australian sea salt & Kehoe‰۪s Kitchen vegan culture.

Size: 150g

USE: Keep refrigerated.åÊUse it raw to make probiotic bruschetta, salad dressing or aioli.åÊ Take a teaspoon straight up if you‰۪re feeling sick. Or add to curries, stirfries and pasta as you would normal garlic. It‰۪s best to add to hotåÊdishes at the end of the cook once the heat is switched off to maintain maximum nutritional benefits.

ALLERGENS: Made in our kitchen where nuts and are used. Great care is taken, however traces may be present.

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