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Green Medic Castor Oil 200ml

Green Medic Castor Oil 200ml

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Organic Indian Castor Oil 200ml (Made in India packed in Australia) 


  • Hexane Free
  • Cold pressed
  • Glass Amber Bottle
  • ACO Certified Organic Supplier
  • Castor Oil for detoxification, use it with a Castor Oil Application Pack (see shop for details)
  • Topical Use Only
  • NOTE: IMPORTANT INFO FOR USING CASTOR OIL and CASTOR OIL PACK.  Please be advised that Organic Hexane Free Castor Oil is a very sticky and heavy oil that can be responsible for drawing out dye from any materials and can be responsible for staining clothing, sheets, furnishings and other materials. When using the Castor Oil Application Pack, Only apply 1 teaspoon and maximum 1 tablespoon into THE CENTRE OF THE WHITE BAMBOO CLOTH. The Oil application should be moist and not dripping. If there is enough oil on the cloth do not reapply the oil at each use. If too much of the oil is applied this may saturate the seam of this pack and it can cause drawing out of the dye used in the cotton materials and threads used in sewing of this pack causing unwanted staining. Do not over apply the recommended amount of oil to the pack. There is also no need to reapply the oil on every use. Only after washing of the pack and when the oil has been removed. The pack is designed for multi use, therefore it can be used a number of times before needing to be washed. The Castor Oil naturally being very heavy and sticky can also adhere to other materials and can also be difficult to wash out. I suggest using old clothing, sheets, towels, when applying and using Castor Oil and the Castor Oil Pack to avoid staining of important items. To wash the pack or any materials with castor oil, I suggest  hand wash in a bowl of warm water with 2-4 tblspns of baking soda and natural dish soap. Wring it out well and place onto an old towel (that you don't mind getting stains on) or hang out in the sun to dry. Dye leaching and discoloration is normal when washing and using materials affected by Castor Oil.



  • Store below 25C& keep away from children
  • always consult with your health practitioner or naturopath before using any natural topical products


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