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Frozen Blueberries 500g

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Eat more blueberries! This is the advice of Harvard Medical School, who recommend eating blueberries daily due to their potent levels of antioxidants, fibre and Vitamin A. Dr Rimm of Harvard’s School of Public Health finds that:

women who eat more blueberries had a 35% reduction in heart disease. The sooner people start a diet that includes a higher intake of blueberries, the better

Our Highbush blueberries are known for being remarkably durable and producing juicy berries throughout December and January. Sustainably-grown in rural Chile, our blueberries have enjoyed ideal growing conditions and have been looked after with care.



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A little bit about the company -

Here at Ra Food, our ambition is to feed the world the best way we know how sustainably!
Being sustainable means that the way our farmers grow their crops ensures that the planet, its people, and our prosperity are maintained for future generations. In a world facing a range of environmental challenges, we see it as our responsibility to bring this better (and more responsible) offering to consumers.
To get to this stage, we have worked tirelessly with our farmers to refine their growing practices to deliver a first to the Australian and New Zealand retail market: Rainforest Alliance Certified frozen fruits. Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization that audits farms to ensure they are protecting biodiversity and natural resources while providing fair and safe conditions for farmers and their communities.
What’s with the name, you might ask? Raí_ is pronounced, and is the Danish word for, “raw”. We find it fitting our products are 100% fruit and 100% sustainable. We think they are 100% delicious, too!


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