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Flourish Book

Flourish Book

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What is a meaningful life? What does it mean to flourish?

Antonia Case, the co-founder of New Philosopher and Womankind magazines, quits her corporate job in the city and, with her partner, buys a van in South America. In a quest to find answers, she turns off the soundtrack of the media, rids herself of technology, and with little more than books as carry-on luggage, she journeys from Buenos Aires to Paris, from Barcelona to Byron Bay, seeking guidance from ancient philosophers and modern-day psychologists on what is a good life, and what is a life worth living.

Packed with insight into life's big questions, Flourish will take you on a riveting journey in search of what matters most.

About the Author

Antonia Case is Editor of New Philosopher, and is an award-winning writer and journalist. Her book on personal identity and change, ‘Flourish’, is forthcoming with Bloomsbury. She was the winner of the 2014 Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Professionals’ Award and in 2016 was shortlisted for Editor of the Year in the Stack Awards.

Antonia was ‘philosopher in residence’ for the 2016 Brisbane Writers’ Festival and speaks regularly on philosophy, technology, the media, and ethics. She was the co-founder and host of the monthly philosophical discussion series ‘Bright Thinking’, and the magazines New Philosopher and WomankindNew Philosopher and Womankind have won multiple awards around the world, including Stack Magazine’s prestigious ‘Magazine of the Decade’ for New Philosopher in 2020. New Philosopher is distributed in 32 countries and is translated into Korean, Arabic, and Chinese.

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