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Firestarter Tea 60g Jar

Firestarter Tea 60g Jar

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This smooth, gorgeous green tea blend is colourfully enriched with chai spices and a hint of chilli, speciality herbs such as rhodiola, schisandra and barberry are potent detoxifying agents that also add depth and flavour to this morning brew.
This blend has been specifically designed to wake your brain & body up! Great for the morning, or before an important meeting!
It‰۪s delicious hot or chilled, so make extra and pop it in the fridge. We like to serve it over ice on a hot byron bay summers day, with a squeeze of lemon or fresh orange!
Correct preparation of green tea is vital! So please take note of our instructions.

Get your day cranking!

Oolong green tea* ginger* rhodiola* barberry* barberry bark* schisandra* cinnamon*
Star anise* jasmine* (a hint of) chilli*
*= Certified organic ingredient


Rule # 1: Do not pour boiling water directly on the leaves!
One teaspoon person with ~70 degree water let it brew for 3-5 mins





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