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Farley Farm Pasture Raised Eggs

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To get a bit of an understanding of where your eggs are coming from, please take a moment to read the beautiful story of Jill & Pete's...


When Pete and I were first getting to know each other, we (him, me, the dogs and the cat) went for an afternoon walk on the farm.

We walked amongst the cows and calves high on the hill, taking in the views of his place; watching all the colours in the landscape change as the sun was setting.

We walked along the mighty Macleay River, and then headed back only to stop at Pete’s lush paddocks of lucerne and chicory that was starting to flower.

Pete was so proud of the crop before us; while we stood there with those beautiful blue flowers up to our waists, sun streaming through, he admitted that even though he loved growing green feed for the cattle, it still hurt a little when they ate it all down. I laughed and looked into his eyes thinking to myself what it meant for this usually cool, casual, quiet cowboy to share all this with me.

Of course by this point I already knew, but in that moment it became abundantly clear that I was in love with a man whose heart for farming, both gentle and strong, would help me find and celebrate my own (something I’d forgotten, or maybe ignored for a long time)... and would completely change my life.

So began Farley Farms, amongst those chicory flowers we stamp on every egg carton. To me, they are a reminder of that walk and every walk since, of Pete’s heart and mine understanding - recognising - each others, and of the big ideas that we’re making happen together; of all that can come from one tiny seed.

It’s here that our love of the land, our animals and really good food has lead us to find ways to produce delicious, clean and nourishing food for our community.

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