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Eucalyptus, Broad-Leaved Peppermint Oil 5ml

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Botanical Name

Eucalyptus dives



Method of extraction

Steam distillation

Major Constituents

A typical chemical analysis of Eucalyptus dives essential oil is as follows: a-pinene (1.1%), a-phellandrene (19.52%), 1,8-cineole (0.45%), p-cymene (3.36%), terpinolene (2.02%), terpinen-4-ol (4.00%), piperitone (52.27%), trans-piperitol (0.27%), globulol/viridiflorol (6.03%), d-eudesmol (0.30%), a-eudesmol (0.33%).


Broad-leaved peppermint eucalyptus has a fresh, spicy-minty and slightly camphoraceous odour that is invigorating.




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