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Organic Nutmeg Powder 100g

Organic Nutmeg Powder 100g

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Nutmeg is a spice made from the seed of the nutmeg tree. This native Indonesian evergreen tree is the source of two popular spices; nutmeg and mace.

Nutmeg has a warm, spicy flavour that is used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Nutmeg is also used in a variety of beverages, such as eggnog, chai and mulled wine.

Nutmeg can be used to flavour meats, and in spice and tea blends.

Like most spices, it also has a list of health benefits, including: to relieve pain, soothe indigestion, improve cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin quality, reduce insomina, strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation. Used topically as a ground up scrub, nutmeg can help with acne and smoothing skin.

Origin - India

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