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Bird + Earth Facial Oil Women

Size: 15ml

A blend of oils to naturally feed & nourish your skin. Recommended (but not limited) to use of an evening while you sleep. Includes the calming effects of lavender, reducing stress while you sleep with geranium and the healing effects of rosehip and clary sage. These high quality pure essential oils have been blended with Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil which both light, nourishing and absorb easily into the skin layers to assist with providing moisture, repairing damaged & stressed skin , aiding in the reduction of wrinkles and assisting with the firming of ageing skin. I have found that some people are reluctant to use an oil, having the perception that it with leave their skin greasy. This is not the case. The chosen carrier oils are light, smooth and moisturising and make a great evening application for face, neck and arms. Suitable for most skin types.

The Facial Oil is recommended (but not limited to) to use of an evening along with the natural or organic face cream applied in the morning.

Each oil is individually blended and created by hand ensuring consistency and quality and comes in an environmentally chosen jute fibre carry bag.

You will find it a beautiful blend and easily applied daily. Why use chemicals when the choice is natural 

Like many essential oils, seek medical advise if it is for a child or you are pregnant.



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