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Calm Farm Hemp Milk 1L Unsweetened

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The health benefits of a 250ml glass of Calm Farm Hemp Milk are extraordinary. With all 10 essential amino acids, 46% of your daily calcium intake and 7 grams of digestible protein, it truly is a super food.

Consuming a class of our hemp milk reduces lactic acid build up after workouts, making it a great addition to any post workout smoothie. It is anti-inflammatory and gentle on your gut.

Because of it’s 900mg of Omega-3 fatty acid and 2800mg of Omega-6 fatty acid Calm Farm Hemp Milk is great for brain function, lowering blood pressure and reducing the chance of heart disease.

Hemp Milk is a delicious alternative milk, packed with nutrients and perfect to add to any diet!


The hemp plant needs less pesticides and fertilisers than most other crops as it is resistant to most natural pests that may attack it. Therefore there are less chemicals emitted into our atmosphere. The hemp plant is able to absorb high amounts of carbon dioxide from the air as it photosynthesises.

Hemp is able to be grown in tight spaces, uses less water and competes out most weeds. It’s adaptable to a large variety of soils. All of these factors mean that farming hemp gives farmers an ease in stock ratio and production.

Country of Origin: Made in Australia from at least 70% Australian Ingredients
Ingredients: Water (90.3%), Hemp Seeds (9.5%), Salt (0.19%).

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