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Bird + Earth Face Cream Women


Available in 60ml or 30ml option.

Natural Cream Base blended with Pure Organic Essential Oils. A beautiful combination of geranium, lavender, ylang ylang, carrot seed, rosehip, vitamin E and tea tree. Using high quality ingredients that have been selected for their nourishing, calming and healing effects. This cream is easily absorbed, leaving a non greasy feeling. A blend of pure essential oils that have come together to heal and nurture your skin.

This is a beautiful cream to apply of a morning, it is like breakfast for your skin! Then of an evening why not try Bird and Earth Facial Oil for it's nourishing and calming effects at the end of the day. Alternately if oils are not your thing, then try the Organic Cream base which is a little thicker and richer to get you through the night.

Why use chemicals when the choice is natural

Like many essential oils, seek medical advise if it is for a child or you are pregnant.



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